We strive for Excellence in all areas of our businesses
through our unique combination of complementary capabilities
and innovative solutions.

Ecobuilt Holdings Berhad formerly known as M-Mode Berhad was established in 2004 and listed in Bursa Malaysia Kuala Lumpur under Main Market. We are well-known as a leading engineering group with over 15 years of experience and businesses in Civil Engineering, Building Contracting & Construction, Digital Contents and Property Development. Ecobuilt has established a good track record of consistent growth over the years and aims to provide the highest standard of design, construction & services in the business.
28 Nov 2018
The Board of Directors of M-Mode Berhad wishes to announce that the Company name had changed from M-Mode Berhad to Ecobuilt Holdings Berhad.
12 April 2015
M-Mode is migrating to Celcom New Content Platform for more mobile User Traffic.

Our business partner Celcom Malaysia has informed us on their platform migration effective from 5th March 2016.

Our close working relationship with Celcom Malaysia remained the same and all our new customers have since been directed to the new platform at Celcom Malaysia.

We look forward to more customer traffic and seamless connection with Celcom Malaysia on all joint programs lined-up.